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StackPad on sale due to first major update!

StackPad on sale due to first major update!

It has been only a month ago that StackPad became available in the App Store. After that I received a lot of suggestions from users about new functions they would like to see. It’s my pleasure to say that with the release of today’s update, a few of these suggestions are up and running! To celebrate the update, the price will drop with 50% for new users. The update will be free for existing users and can be done via the App Store In this post I will explain all of the new functions.

Change border style

To get a printed picture like effect, added pictures automatically appear with a small white border. From now on you can change this border to your likings. Both border width and border color can be easily changed. If you don’t want to see a border at all, you can set the border width to ‘0’. The border color can be changed to every possible color using three RGB sliders, to adjust Red, Green and Blue color components. Border settings are available for every picture or for every individual picture.



Custom backgrounds

StackPad comes with a standard of now 26 background to choose from. All of these backgrounds are high resolution images, selected on the ability to serve as a great background behind you pictures. A lot of them are material textures and colorful images. If you have found a great background yourself or if you want to use one of the pictures as the background itself, you can now do that. Just as you would add a picture, you can browse through your library and import the picture you would like as a wallpaper. The possibilities are getting even bigger!


More standard backgrounds included

In the initial version you could find 23 specially selected images for your background. With the update, you get 3 more great wallpapers to choose from. This will give you even more possibilities to design a great looking custom wallpaper in a very short period of time.

Small fixes and performance tweaks

After the update, StackPad will be more stable when using high resolution images. Before getting added to the workspace, the images is getting compressed to a resolution optimized for the iPad screen. This will prevent crashes caused by a shortage of available memory.

The minimal iOS version is dropped to 4.2. This will make you able to install StackPad on an not (yet) updated iPad.

Also, of few small design and performance tweaks where done.

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