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Free App Giveaway action!

Free App Giveaway action!

A few days after the release of StackPad in the App Store, it’s time to let everyone know! With the huge amount of Apps available these days it’s hard to get some attention from the people who may like StackPad. That’s why I’m asking for your help! Of course there is something in for you! All you have to do is press one little button, and you can win a free copy of StackPad.

I’m giving away 5 free copies of StackPad. To make a change winning one of them, all you have to do is retweeting this tweet or start following @StackPadApp. It’s that easy!

This action ends at Thursday March 21. This day I will publicly announce the winners and send them a promo-code for downloading their free App.

So start letting the world know about StackPad!

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